43 Countries! Crazy!


Wow, I realized when I was cleaning up my travel list that I have visited a total of 43 countries!

Other random thoughts while thinking about this…

  • I’ve spent 3 of the last 4 years living outside the USA.
  • I lived for a year in Melbourne Australia and Cairo Egypt!
  • I lived for ~9 months in Dublin, Ireland.
  • I’ve spent at least a month in 15 different countries, a few twice!

I love all the countries I’ve been too, but I especially love Croatia. I’ve been there twice for a total of ~6 months and can’t wait to go back. Amazing weather, fantastic food, great people, and a fantastic mood.

Where do I feel the most at home? Ireland, the entire country just feels like sitting down in a bean bag after a long day at work, ie “this is where I belong”. Plus they don’t have snakes.

I’ve got a lot of places I’d like to visit in the future (if I am able too). And, quite a few places I want to go back too. I’ve been really lucky to be able to travel so much!

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Family Visit: London, Nottingham, Ireland, Bath, and Wales!


My Dad and Marian visited for 3 weeks and we had a blast!!!! We started out in London, then back to home base in Nottingham, then a short trip to Ireland, then back to Nottingham, and finally we rented a car and drove to Bath and over and around Wales.

Good times :)!

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Reading – Fun Versus Serious…


I read a lot, and I was curious if the ratio of fun versus serious books changed per year or remained roughly the same. I classified fun as anything I read that is fantasy, sci fi, travel, thrillers, ie, beach books. I classified serious as anything that was business, history, biography, etc.

Percentage of fun books?

2010 – 63%
2011 – 64%
2012 – 46%
2013 – 54%
2014 – 65%
2015 – 70%

Percentage of serious books?

2010 – 37%
2011 – 35%
2012 – 54%
2013 – 46%
2014 – 35%
2015 – 30%

I’ll keep it going and see what it looks like in 10 years :)

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You ever have that weird moment where your brain decides to remember a Pauly Shore movie in the middle of meditating? And it isn’t Encino Man but rather the one where he joins the military? Brains are weird.

Walking Hadrian’s Wall – The Summary



It was a good walk! I feel like I got really lucky on weather as it was perfect the entire way apart from a few rain storms and some strong winds. I really like long walks, it is very calming, and you get a lot of time to think. I didn’t use my headphones once the entire week.

Day 1 – 9 Miles in 2 hours 30 minutes
Day 2 – 21 Miles in 5 hours 30 minutes
Day 3 – 18 miles in 5 hours 45 minutes
Day 4 – 15 Miles in 4 hours 45 minutes
Day 5 – 20.5 Miles in 5 hours 45 minutes
Day 6 – 15 Miles in 5 hours

Total? 98.5 miles, the trail is 84 miles so the extra is from getting lost and walking to places to sleep every night.

What do I recommend to navigate Hadrian’s Wall?
Google maps + the map on the Hadrian’s Wall app. Using those two you can get anywhere.

What did I learn?
The Romans were incredible! This video has the highlights :)

What would I do differently?
I could have probably gotten away with packing one less sweater, and one more pair of socks. In Spain when I did a long walk it was very dry, and the UK just keeps your socks pretty soggy. I also recommend getting hiking boots instead of trainers, as i had to use plastic bags since they were not water proof. I think that is the only thing i would change apart from taking a little more time but I needed to be back to work on Monday.

How far did I walk for my week on the camino? I was in better shape, but I walked ~143 miles in 7 days. Of course I also overdid that one, and came away with a sprained ankle for a few weeks. But it was fun and one day I managed to walk 36+ miles.

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Hadrian’s Wall: Day 6 – Completed!


The last day was the toughest, I walked 15 miles and the last 6 I spent limping as my left knee wasn’t handling going down inclines very well, or up them very well either (flat not so well either but at least I could keep a decent limping pace). But, I was going to finish even if I had to drag myself through fields full of lamb shit (luckily it didn’t come to that).

It was perfect weather the entire way, barely any breeze, and surprisingly sunny. There was one path near the end that was extra tough, it disappeared into the salt marches and with my bum knee I had to jump a few fences and scramble a little back to the road a few hundred meters away.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 3.48.28 PM

If I look off in that first picture it is because of the pain.

It was a good walk, summary coming soon!

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Hadrian’s Wall: Day 5


After a fantastic breakfast I was off, day 5 was supposed to be around 17 to 18 miles, but it ended up being a very long 20.5 miles. All the twists and turns of the trail plus the walk to and from the hotels added to the distance. By the end I was pretty shot but made it to Carlisle. I am going to rest the rest of the day as my ankle and knee are pretty stiff at times. Time for an ice bath!

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 2.34.03 PM

The first part of the walk was pretty wet, so I made some impromptu waterproof socks with some plastic bags (if you are wondering about that picture).

Tomorrow I have the last day of the walk, hopefully only ~15 miles to the sea :)

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Hadrian’s Wall: Day 4


Day 4 was gorgeous and finally getting into the swing of things! I ended up walking about 14.5 miles. I took it pretty easy today as I had a lot of trouble finding a place to stay, and I didn’t want to walk 25 miles :).

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 4.18.37 PM

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Hadrian’s Wall: Day 3


Day 3 wasn’t quite as long as day 2, but I still ended up walking over 18 miles. The countryside was amazing, and I had good weather all morning! Late in the walk a strong cold wind came up, and a bit of rain off and on. I walked from Newcastle to Corbridge to a little B&B off the road from Fort Vercovicium.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 4.05.25 PM

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Hadrian’s Wall: Day 2


Day two was long, I ended up walking a little under 21 miles. I walked from Newcastle to Corbridge, and I was glad to have beautiful weather and no rain. This is a beautiful part of the country. My feet are pretty sore and I ended up falling asleep in the afternoon once I found a place to stay and got some lunch.

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 9.11.12 PM

I didn’t do much planning on my route, I was hoping it was well marked. At times it is well marked, and at times it is confusing as hell. Unfortunately today I kept going when I probably should have turned right, so now I am stuck trying to figure out how to get north a bit. I am doing some reading as it seems like there might be multiple trails and the guide book I have is no help. Google maps doesn’t work for following the trail too well either. I recommend avoiding the book “Hadrian’s Wall Path” by Mark Richards, it is really hard to follow.

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Hadrian’s Wall: Day 1


I am taking a vacation this week to walk Hadrian’s Wall in the UK!

What is Hadrian’s Wall?

Hadrian’s Wall was a defensive fortification in the Roman province of Britannia, begun in 122 AD during the reign of the emperor Hadrian. It ran from the banks of the River Tyne near the North Sea and the Solway Firth on the Irish Sea.

Screen Shot 2015-09-22 at 6.39.07 PM

The path is around 84 miles wrong, I am hoping to finish by Sunday. How did day 1 go? I arrived pretty late in the day so it was a late start. I had a small snafu with the whole east/west thing. I ended up walking around 9 miles in 2.5 hours and made it too Newcastle. The weather was a bit wet, but a good start.

btw, I walked a roman road in Spain in 2013, via de la plata, if you are interested check out the post (day 1, day 2, day 3 and 4, day 5, 6, and 7). I am hoping to do more of it in the future.

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Short review of the Kindle Voyage!


Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 1.43.13 PM

One of my first posts on this blog back in November 2008 was my review of the first Amazon Kindle I had been using! I LOVED it and that has only continued as I have bought newer versions of the Kindle. I read fast and I always run out of books when I am traveling, the Kindle changes that! Plus the price of those books is usually cheaper. I love having the entire world’s library at my finger tips.

The new Kindle Voyage is awesome and I love the backlight. I thought I wouldn’t use it much but I love being able to read at night without bothering my wife, and on airplanes with a little less eye strain. The browser for buying new books and navigating my library is a huge improvement. And, battery life is good. I highly recommended the Kindle Voyage if you read a lot!

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How do you win a war?


“Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”
― Abraham Lincoln

I was listening to a really interesting podcast today and they referenced the above quote (beautiful quote)… which seems like it can apply to just about any battle you fight.

The podcast was talking about Isis and the rise of violent groups who attract young demographic and convince them to do insane things through a story. If you really want to win long term, how do you convert those groups and those demographics to instead be your friends? Killing people doesn’t defeat the story, you have understand the story that drives them to join, and offer them a better story to prevent it. Really good podcast.

The speaker seemed to suggest the big thing these kids are responding too is injustice. Something I think anyone can relate too. If someone don’t feel like they have a voice, and are constantly facing injustice every day, violence will happen. Seems to be the same story you see in the USA right now with violence and protest arising due to police abuse and killings. Not to mention the persistent abuse of those in poverty, and due to race.

What story does the USA offer youth growing up in shitty neighborhoods with shitty opportunities to move forward in life? How does that story correspond to the stats you see from studies on how many people achieve that story? Do any of the youth stuck in that situation still believe that story we feed them, and what story are they listening to instead?

It seems like the USA is in the middle of a huge culture war over what our story is as a country. Are we a place where you make it on your own, with less and less help from your community and government? Are we a place where the government and community strive to give everyone a fair starting point when it comes to educational opportunity?

If someone can’t pay for health care do we leave them dieing on the street? If someone is crazy is it the government’s responsibility to house them if they are abandoned or unable to pay for it privately? If someone is homeless is that the government responsibility to help them restart their life and get off the street? Should serious health problems bankrupt anyone who doesn’t have health care? Should the government decide who has access to what health care services? Do we dictate decisions based on the best science we have, or based on what makes the most money?

The last couple elections have slowly gotten more and more extreme, and this one has finally cracked open the right and you are hearing a lot of ideas coming out. I can’t wait to see what happens. What story will the majority of Americans tell themselves for the next 10 to 20 years? Who are we going to be?


Hilarious Bot!


If you need a laugh check out InspiroBot, it comes up with the most hilariously weird inspirational quotes.

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Bike Ride To Sherwood Forest! 56 Miles!


I had a fun day, I road my bike all the way from Nottingham to what is left of Sherwood Forest! The ride was a total of 56 Miles which I think is the longest ride I’ve ever done. And, I def hurt a little :).

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 9.15.55 PM

I tried to stay on the A6 national cycle path, but I still had to do a lot of time on the road which I hate (I can’t wait for cars that drive themselves and get people away from the steering wheel). The cycle route was amazing, through forest and all kinds of stuff I hope to go back and see. And Sherwood Forest was great, a little gimmicky but very fun. I ended up doing about 10 miles just in Sherwood on the trails which were a blast.

I made it about 13 of the 22 miles home before my legs gave out, and they cramped so hard I could barely walk. I only had some anchovies in my bag because I am trying to stay true to my paleo aip diet. I opened one, and somehow got the hot salty disgusting stuff down… About 20 minutes later I was good to go. Apart from almost throwing up.

Anchovies are disgusting when warm. I had quite a few moments of walking until my legs warmed back up.

I was also proud as I’ve never used lock in pedal things and I went the entire day without falling over. Which is good when a bus is 15 inches away from you on the right. I fell the first time when a herd of geese attacked me. I feel the second time when a cute adorable puppy almost went in front of the bike and I had to stop suddenly. True stories.

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